The First Potential Sugar Daddy

Just Don’t Call A Spade A Spade

The first potential option came in the form of a single doctor more than 20 years my senior who wanted to be a sugar daddy but did not wish to be labelled one. In exchange for a pay-per-meet allowance he was hoping to have a young woman join him in activities he did not want to do alone – boating, movies, concerts, road trips, travel and sex. I told him I was potentially interested in pursuing all these endeavours with him except travel. My preference is to travel alone sans family, friends or sugar daddies I barely know.

He did not like to call a spade a spade, but he had the potential to fulfil my older man fantasies and pay the minimum monthly allowance I desired. When I came across his profile on the website Seeking Arrangement I was impressed with the level of detail he provided, and his profile image depicted an olive-toned man with a balding head masked behind Ray Ban sunglasses. Once we had exchanged a few messages I asked to see more photos of him. I was not disappointed like I had been with other potentials – ugly people can be deceivingly handsome when sporting tinted eyewear. I told him he was handsome, but I really meant he was not ugly. He was slightly overweight with dark features. He reminded me of the male actor in a sugar daddy porn clip I had been enjoying recently. This excited me.

He provided his first name, medical specialisation, and the area of Sydney he lived in. This was enough information for me to conduct a Google search to gain his surname and verify his identity. I looked through his Facebook page which depicted a man who enjoyed road trips and possibly South-East Asian sex workers judging by the number of likes by young mothers from the Philippines and Thailand. I agreed to meet him the following week over coffee when he would be staying in an inner-city hotel, a frequent purchase he explained as an escape from weekdays spent in the Western Suburbs.

The day of our meeting it was raining and terribly windy. This presented a challenge for my wardrobe which largely consists of pretty summer dresses fit for the Coogee Pavilion, not sexy winter outfits to lure middle-aged men. I decided to go with the easy fall back – an all-black outfit. I always go for all-black when I’m trying to look sexy without the effort. I decided to wear simple black boots instead of heels, so it was not too obvious to members of the public that I was paid company. We met for coffee at the hotel he was staying at. I immediately knew he was not a lavish man from the hotel brand and frankly thought he could have chosen a nicer place to drink flat whites. Upon entering the bistro a few patrons made looks my way. “Damn!” I thought. I guess it was obvious I was paid company.

I may be an aspiring sugar baby but I was not expecting to be paid on this occasion. For first meetings I am not fussed about being paid money or receiving gifts. I just want to a chance to see if I get along with an older gentleman, and to discuss an allowance. The meeting lasted only an hour and he clumsily shoved me $100 under the table because he “appreciated me making the effort, a-a-and I know it cost money to get here”. It had only cost me a $4 train ride, but I do agree it took more effort than a regular date. He was kind and we had similar interests and education backgrounds. He was shy and awkward though. His conversation skills were not as advanced as mine and he rarely sustained eye contact. I would never suffer this on a real date.

He brought up allowance expectations without revealing what his were or asking about mine. He later said this should be discussed at our next meeting. If there are future meetings, I know I will have to carry the conversation. Intimacy would likely be awkward for him and annoyingly slow burning for me. At this stage I am not hopeful he will meet my allowance expectations so the search for sugar daddies continues.

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I am a young professional entering the world of sugar babies and sugar daddys for the first time. With no real romantic prospects showing themselves to me, I have decided to pursue my long-held fantasy of being wined and dined (and fucked) by an older man. This part-time pursuit sees me occasionally taking the time to meet older men, dine in fancy restaurants and shave my pussy while pursuing my career, academic and money goals to the fullest.

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