Potential Sugar Daddy Cancels

Last night I had my first cancellation when a potential sugar daddy said he could no longer meet due to sudden commitments with an important business client. I had been looking forward to our meeting as it was set to fulfil my sugar daddy date fantasies. He had organised for us to meet at a bar in the Four Seasons Hotel for introductory cocktails followed by dinner at a pricey Japanese restaurant. I had already planned my look for the evening – slick hair, clean makeup, and stiletto heels.

I was set to impress and to be impressed. He was a good-looking man in his mid-forties who made his money in the video game industry. Like The Doctor, he had provided me with just enough information to discover his real name and social media pages. Photos on Instagram showed he was well-travelled and had two children my age roughly. I have long fantasised about being with older men but I am curious as to how men (or women) can desire people the same age as their children. When I tell them anecdotes from my childhood I wonder if they think about how when I was being raised they were raising their children at the same time.

Overlooking important aspects of a man’s life like children is partly what makes the sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship a form of sex work. Impolite behaviour is another factor. He had messaged me on the day of the date to cancel. I understand business can get in the way of a meeting with a sugar baby, but his message included information that made it clear he could have let me know he was cancelling 24 hours earlier. If this were a real date I would have snapped at him for not passing on the message at first opportunity. I decided to be unnecessarily kind instead.

I turned to my favourite sugar baby Tumblr page high maintenance for advice on what to do. In this post about a sugar daddy cancellation she used it as an excuse to get more from a man. I followed suit by telling him how much I wanted to meet him and flirtatiously told him he would have to make it up to me. Thankfully he agreed and wired me some money.

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I am a young professional entering the world of sugar babies and sugar daddys for the first time. With no real romantic prospects showing themselves to me, I have decided to pursue my long-held fantasy of being wined and dined (and fucked) by an older man. This part-time pursuit sees me occasionally taking the time to meet older men, dine in fancy restaurants and shave my pussy while pursuing my career, academic and money goals to the fullest.

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